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Sumatra Mandheling

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Produced by smallholder farmers in the Batak, Mandheling region of West Central Sumatra (a province of Indonesia). This coffee is full of the signature earthy, low acidity, and full bodied characteristics found in Indonesian coffees. 

Like most Indonesian coffees, this has been Wet Hull processed. Wet Hulling contributes to flavors like earth, tobacco, moss, spice, cedar. Indonesia has significantly more rain and humidity than other coffee growing regions of the world,  so methods like natural processing (where the coffee cherries are left out in the sun for weeks at a time to dry) are impossible. Wet Hulling involves first removing the skins of the coffee cherries using a pulper, but leaving the fruit and mucilage attached. The fruit is fermented overnight, and then removed in the morning, leaving only a thin parchment around the bean that continues to slowly ferment until removed. From there, farmers and buyers have different options to continue to dry out the beans.

This coffee is semi-washed, meaning the parchment and some of the mucilage is left on while it dries out more in the sun. Due to the humidity, these beans must be washed before sold and exported, making it "semi" washed". 

Notes of, Almond, Lemongrass, Chocolate

Elevation: 1200-1700m

Cup Score: 85

Grade: Grade 1, 16/17

Process: Semi-Washed (Wet Hulled)

Region: Batak, West Central Sumatra

Varietal: Catimor, Typica