Twisted River Private Reserve


What is Twisted River Private Reserve?

Twisted River Private Reserve is our line of especially unique and extraordinary coffees. We will source a limited quantity of rare and highly rated coffees each month, offering a high-end selection for our customers who seek new and exciting coffee experiences. We offer these coffees directly from only.


Our current Private Reserve offering:


FARM/LOT NAME: Mira Flores
Comayagua, Honduras
PRODUCER : Joel Banegas Sr
VARIETAL : Caturra, IH90
PROCESS : Natural
TASTING NOTES: lime, vanilla, hazelnut

Per the National Coffee Association, during the natural process, coffee cherries are simply spread out either on the ground or on elevated beds to dry in the sun. They are raked periodically and covered at night to prevent spoiling. While naturally processed coffees are more intensely flavorful, the natural process takes much longer and is much more labor-intensive for producers.