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Learn More: Costa Rica El Conquistador

One of our core coffees, a part of multiple blends and beloved as both a lighter and darker roast, Costa Rica El Conquistador is here to stay.

Why El Conquistador?

"El Conquistador" is a specific trademarked varietal of coffee by the La Minita farm in Costa Rica, where the coffee is grown. We're big fans of this coffee.

This coffee is grown in the Dota canton of Costa Rica, part of the San José province in an area known as "Valle de los Santos". Pictured below are parts of the Quepos Mountain range and the valleys below it.

This coffee goes through what is called a "Washed" process. Soon after picking the coffee fruit off of the trees, they are washed with water to remove all of the fruit and mucilage, preventing fermentation. This leads to a "cleaner" taste with less impurities and more uniformity. Pictured below are the washing stations and the larger drying bed for the "green" beans to dry in the sun before being packaged and shipped.