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Updates and Such, COTM

Hey there all! 

It's a new month and once again we are going to be showcasing one of our coffee's as the Coffee of the month! This month we have selected our Costa Rica El Conquistador. 

Our Costa Rica coffee is grown in the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica, which is one of the two highest altitude regions in Costa Rica. (This is important for the coffee, you get higher quality coffee at higher altitudes). Our Costa Rica El Conquistador is a light roast coffee with a complex aroma.  This coffee is well balanced with notes of lush tropical fruit and bittersweet chocolate. It has a smooth pronounced body.  

If you've never tried it before, give it a try! You can use Coupon Code " TWISTEDSEPT " all through September for $2 off of a pound of our Costa Rica El Conquistador when you buy it through our website! 

In the mean time make sure to check back to our social media during the month for new things we're going to try! 

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