Upcoming events

We have several markets coming up in the next 3 month.

Winterburg Market @ Star City Brewing in Miamisburg Thursday, February 11th  & Thursday March 10th , 5 -9 pm 

 Night Market @ the Old Yellow Cab Building Friday, March 18th, 5-10 pm

EarthFest 2016!  Saturday, April 23, 10 AM - 6 PM  Garden Station 509 E 4th St, Dayton, Ohio 45402
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Brewing methods

 There are many different ways to brew your favorite coffee. The two pictured here are French Press and Chemex, respectively. These methods will give you two totally different cups of coffee.

The French Press will give you what some people like to call a "dirty cup" of coffee. This is a rich cup with a lot of body no matter what coffee you choose to use. This process will take about 4 minutes after you get your water hot.

You will notice the natural coffee oils floating on top once you pour a cup. If you pour it into a clear glass or mug it will look cloudy or "dirty". A thing to remember is to not drink the last little sip of coffee or you will get a mouth full of sediment. Not a pleasant surprise if you aren't expecting it.

The Chemex will give a very crisp and "clean cup" of coffee. This method will bring out the brightness of the coffee. This process will also take around 4 minutes after you get your water hot, or maybe a little longer depending on your taste.

In contrast to the french press you will not see any oils floating on top if you use the Chemex. If you pour it into a clear glass or mug you will be able to see though it like a strong cup of tea. There is no danger of getting a mouth full of sediment unless your filter fails for some reason.

Choosing a brewing method really comes down to preference or personal taste. I have improvised my brewed coffee using a paper towel and a kitchen funnel before. If you really want coffee you will find a way to brew it.

I will post other methods of brewing in later blogs. In the meantime step out of your every day routine and try another brewing method at your local coffee shop or at a friend's house.

Dan Clayton 10/29/15

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New Twisted River Wholesalers

Once again we would like to welcome two new whole sale accounts to the Twisted River Coffee world. 

Keener Farms Butcher Block in Kettering and Arepas & Co of Kettering. 

The Butcher Block is carrying 3 of our best sellers right now both in whole bean and ground. If there is a coffee you would like us to put in there on a regular basis please let us know.

Arepas & Co is serving our Colombia coffee with their authentic Colombian comfort food. What better way to enjoy their wonderful food than with a cup of our delicious coffee.

Please make sure to support these amazing local companies as they are supporting us and the communities around them.  

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Twisted River Coffee around the Miami Valley

     We are very excited to announce that we are growing. Our customer base is increasing with more and more people finding us. Realizing there is a big difference in coffee when it is fresh and roasted right.

    The number of retail partners are going as well. You can still find us at Star City Beer company. You can have a pint of Twisted Mill Stout and buy a pound of our coffee to take home.

    We are in Germantown at Mudlick Tap House where not only can you order it hot by the cup or iced with your meal, you can also buy a pound to take home.

    Other locations to buy our coffee include Arcanum Hardware in Arcanum, OH. The Troy Meat Shop in Troy, OH. Belmont Party Supply/ Brewtensiles in Dayton, OH.

   We have a special relationship with the guys at Savorie Handcrafted Delights. You can find a limited selection of our coffees where ever they sell their fine products along with a blend I crafted just for them.

    Newest to our retail partners is Skyline Chili on Kingsridge behind the Dayton mall. They will be selling it by the cup.


    Farmers markets: You can find us every Wednesday in Miamisburg at there market on Central Ave. from 3 -6,  The Franklin Farmers Market Saturdays from 9-1pm, Oakwood Farmers Market also Saturday from 9-1pm. The Night Market the second Friday of each month from 5-10 at the Yellow Cab Building in Dayton, Also Third on Third. Its the 3rd Sunday of each month from 10-3pm on Third Street in Dayton.

    For more updates on where to find us please follow us on Face Book at Twisted River Coffee Roaster LLC.



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Where to find us

Hey all, 

   Just wanted to let you know of some exciting things going on for us here at Twisted River and where you are able to find our coffee other than here on our web store.

   First we are very excited to announce that Star City Brewing Company is going to release the Twisted Mill stout. This is their signature Old Mill stout infused with our Signature Colombia coffee. I can not tell you how good this beer is! After the great response on a small run of this coffee stout they have decided to brew a full batch. It is coming out later this week. Star City also carries our coffee for sale. So go in for a pint and pick up a pound.

   Next we have just got word that we have just got excepted to be a vendor at the Springboro farmers market. That is every Saturday from 9am-1pm. come check us out. We will also be at this months Night Market at the Yellow Cab building. It is Saturday June 12th. I have heard great things about this market. We can't wait to take part.

   You will be able to find us starting in July at the Miamisburg farmers market. This takes place every Wednesday from 3pm-7pm.

   The next place you are able to find our coffee is Arcanum Hardware in Arcanum, OH. A great home town hardware store that has every thing you ever needed and now sells our coffee as well.

   Look for some more news about other farmers markets and more retailers coming soon.

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